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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Maine
Nina -- 26 Sep 2001, 12:49 EST

10.The Doctor would get so annoyed with managed care that he'd close his private practice, take a salaried job at a State hospital, and write forensic mysteries in his spare time.
9.Samantha Wildman, raising Naomi alone while teaching elementary school after her husband "traded her in for a younger model," would get elected First Selectman of her small town. She would soon gain a reputation for "running this place as if she thinks everybody's still a fourth grader," and then fail she'd start a grassroots campaign against sludge spreading, instead.
8.Ayala would become a State representative, make speeches to any group that needed a "no-honorarium-necessary" guest speaker (on the strength of his "traditional family values" as the father of two young sons who would never see him again), and then (when term limited out of the House) run for the Senate.
7.Neelix would open an ethnic restaurant (Talaxian, of course) in Portland's trendy Old Port, and he'd be in constant trouble with the City Council because of the amount of time the police had to spend keeping the peace on his end of Commercial Street.
6.B'Elanna would still be Chief Engineer, but she'd be strictly an administrator. She wouldn't crawl through Jeffries tubes or do anything that involved getting her hands greasy, and she would grin and bear it whenever one of the male bridge officers talked about "that girl who does such a great job running Engineering." Eventually she would sell Engineering to Microsoft, say how sorry she was about the resulting layoffs, and enjoy her freedom to join Tom (see #3) on the circuit.
5.Harry would get a degree in Information Science, and then take a job at an insurance company's home office in Boston or Hartford. He would spend the next 40 years talking about "moving back home someday," but where he'd finally move is Florida.
4.Seven of Nine would become an Army nurse, retire at the rank of Colonel, and then run the local nursing home with military precision.
3.Tom would become a NASCAR driver, and be every kid's hero. He would be holding Miral in most of his publicity shots, and have B'Elanna at his side in her business suit, giving him adoring looks.
2.Chakotay would buy himself a piece of land in the back woods, build with his own hands a house that needed no connection to the power grid, and settle down to farm, hunt (using his Native American rights to do that out of season), and write books telling other people how to achieve similar happiness.
1.Kathryn would grow up a tomboy on an off-shore island, get a liberal arts degree from Colby College, and then become the only woman captain in the Gloucester fishing fleet. The best captain in that fleet, too!