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A Night In Sickbay

:tv: ENTERPRISE: "A Night in Sickbay" Discussion
Terry -- 16 Oct 2002, 20:53 EST

Archer spends a troubled night in sickbay with his ailing dog after the beagle picks up a deadly virus on an alien planet.

What the heck was THAT?
Terry -- 16 Oct 2002, 21:08 EST

I kept expecting the whole thing to be revealed as Archer's hallucination. It was like a Seinfeld episode - a lot of talk and emotion about nothing really important.

Next week: Porthos and Phlox resolve *their* sexual tension in a very special Enterprise.

The predominant word...
D'Alaire -- 16 Oct 2002, 22:00 EST

...on the Trek BBS (from those who didn't quite take to the ep) is "crap," often in capital letters.

I myself skipped ENT this week. Don't particularly like stories about sick animals or guys having wet dreams. Not my cup of tea. Thankfully, my special order history book came in, so I was well-diverted.

But what's this rumor I'm hearing about ENT possibly taking the Star Trek name in its title, due to the UPN promo after the ep? Is it trying to drum up viewers [too stupid to know it was ST already] or Nemesis tickets?

Deb47 -- 16 Oct 2002, 23:11 EST

And for his I finally got my UPN back?


If this was about Tucker... I could "accept" it as simply another T'Pol fantasy run amok.


But this was the CAPTAIN.

It seemed so... unseemly.

Threatening retribution over a dog (and I'M a dog lover!), acting like a sulky teenager complaining about other sulky teenagers... and getting helpful hints on handling the ladies & those pesky pubertal homones from his waterpolo coach.



Re: What the heck was THAT?
Carus -- 17 Oct 2002, 07:48 EST

I liked it, but then again I loved Seinfeld so that's not surprising is it?

OK, but the weakest episode so far this season, IMO.
D -- 17 Oct 2002, 13:34 EST

Should give a lot of fuel to the fanfiction writers. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the writers' jab at all the griping about why they didn't get Janeway and Chakotay together.

They continue to do a good job on continuity, from the annoying aliens to Phlox's having 3 wives. It makes sense that Enterprise would keep running into the same aliens since their range is limited compared to later ships. These remind me of the Tak Tak in Microcosm, who got offended when Janeway put her hands on her hips.

At least there was some character development for Phlox, in that we finally learn a bit more about him and Denobulans in general. Looks like this is the season for Archer to have one on one conversations with his senior staff. But shouldn't someone other than Archer have helped with the operation?

I did like Hoshi easily catching the bat after Phlox and Archer put so much effort into their failed attempts. She seemed a bit too wide awake for being the one to pull night watch, though. At least she was there; were Reed and Mayweather in any scenes other than the dream funeral?

:confused: And that's almost exactly what I said at the end of the ep, Terry...
Mike D -- 17 Oct 2002, 15:26 EST

...I turned to my wife and said "What THE HECK was that all about".

And I like Porthos and all, but they did KILL a reptile to save him. Nobody really seemed to care that much about a life for a life and all that. That poor reptile [sniffle].

Also, I was hoping they wouldn't do the 'It was all a dream' bit to explain the well advertised wet kiss between Archer and T'Pol. I see they're going to jerk me around again just like they did when Janeway and Chuck never got together and only flirted with the idea. They'll just tease us for 7 years...if the series goes the distance.

And Archer looked ridiculous the way he was dressed at the end for his "forgive me" made him look even dumber in my eyes.

Hmmmm....just when is T'Pol due for Pon Far anyway? If I was Archer I'd be sure to be as far from Vulcan as possible when it happens...and maybe send all the other guys on shore leave :D.

So if le capitaine is already sexually frustrated, and there's no convienent holodock babes like Janeway finally resorted to, just what is a guy supposed to do! ;) Time for another away mission to help some cute alien I guess!

I grade this a C for effort...the beagle was cute.


Re: :tv: ENTERPRISE: "A Night in Sickbay" Discussion
Sherry -- 17 Oct 2002, 17:19 EST

I put it in a mixed bag. Phlox's reminiscence about his relations with his wives, their other husbands, and his children was good. They dangled a story thread that could be interesting in his relations with his sons.

OTOH, I was underwhelmed by the last scene; the apology Archer made was...ahh...weird. Scott Bakula isn't the problem. I don't know if any actor could have played that effectively.

All I can say about the Archer/T'Pal business is that I was underwhelmed--thankfully--that it was less than the big deal in last week's previews.

The main story of Porthos' illness was mixed in its presentation, I thought. I agree, it was strange that Archer was the only person to assist in the doctor's surgery (you'd think they would have picked up some nursing staff by now). But I was moved by Archer's anguish over the possibility of losing Porthos. His explaining to Phlox how he got the dog added some nice details to his past. Besides, he confirmed what I'd figured all along: that Porthos was one of four male puppies :D (along with Athos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan).


I was in Canada Wednesday night...
Vickie -- 19 Oct 2002, 12:41 EST, I actually got to watch Enterprise with the rest of you.

Let's see, how can phrase this tactfully...this episode sucked? No, wait, not tactful at all. Um, how about, "I personally did not care for this episode?" Better? :-)

I thought it was awful on just so many levels. Almost all of the medical stuff was just...wrong. And stupid. And nonsensical.

The whole Archer-T'Pol "how long has it been since you have released your sexual tensions" business was just...wrong. And stupid. And nonsensical.

The diplomatic wrangling with, and apology ceremony for, the AOTW was just...wrong. And stupid. And nonsensical.


And I wasn't even grumpy from travelling when I watched it. I was curled up in bed in my hotel room with my Mello Yello (usually impossible to find in hotels) and some yummy buttery pretzel twists, so I can't blame my dislike of the episode on a bad mood.


(Message Deleted by Poster)
D'Alaire -- 19 Oct 2002, 16:27 EST

First TV Drama makes an interesting comparison...
D'Alaire -- 19 Oct 2002, 16:29 EST

...of captains while doing its usual and utterly merciless chop and dice of the episode. The Janeway point was...quite effective. (smirk)

It's over at:

Thanks, D'Alaire.
Nina -- 19 Oct 2002, 19:17 EST

It's gonna be awhile before I stop laughing, I fear... :-D

:eel: :confused: "A Night in Sickbay"....WHAT THE HECK??????
Mindy -- 19 Oct 2002, 19:43 EST

Was that supposed to be a funny episode? A sexy episode? An exploring of UST episode?


Trying to pawn off Porthos even BEING there on the aliens (can't remember their name, sorry) failure to inform the Captain of possibly dangerous bacteria to the animal is so weak it's ridiculous. (Of course, here in the real world, it's the fault of the writers.) If this guy loves his dog so much, then what the h#ll is he doing bring him along into a possibly dangerous environment????? What what the h#kk would induce him to bring him along, period?!!!!!!

What a waste of a great idea, actually! The episode could have been a very adult episode about the problems of UST on a first-time deep space mission for Starfleet. Any comedic moments could have naturally occurred from the premise itself, instead of the stupid Sickbay scene and Archer's immature breast (best?) ogling of T'Pol's mammary glands.

The shining star of the episode was Linda Parks as Hoshi, keeping a cool head and a slightly bemused grin on her face.


D'Alaire, this site is GREAT!!! :-D :-D !!!!! (nim)
Mindy -- 19 Oct 2002, 19:50 EST

AC -- 20 Oct 2002, 00:17 EST

Oh my... *wipes away tears of laughter*

I can just see it now (WARNING, crudeness follows!) -- the Romulans have crossed the Neutral Zone. Picard stands and tugs on his uniform.

"Picard to Engineering!"

"LaForge here, Captain!"

"Are the urinal storage tanks at sufficient capacity?"

"They're at maximum levels, sir!"

"Excellent. On my mark, direct the contents at the Romulan warship."

"Ready when you are, sir!"

"LaForge, make it flow!"

Oh, I liked that site. :)


Jules -- 20 Oct 2002, 04:44 EST

I'd been to that site before, but had forgotten it. It's good to know that the turkey episodes are good for something, even if that something is only parody.

Not that parody's a bad thing. :-) It's generally cleverer and more intelligent than potty humour, anyway.

Sigh. And there I was hoping that the writing level was on the up this season...

Mindy -- 20 Oct 2002, 15:54 EST

"Make it flow."

EXXXXXX-CELLENT, AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think Samuel T Cogley liked "A Night in Sickbay".
Deb47 -- 21 Oct 2002, 22:55 EST

You can find his review here...

I started rolling my eyes at his second sentence.... :rolleyes:

Snip! "The fact that the title's abbreviation, when read as a single word, sounds like "anus", is an omen that should not be ignored." Paste.

I have to say... I agree with his comments about T'pol's actions in this ep... I am finding myself wishing she was the Captain with each passing episode.



Re: I don't think Samuel T Cogley liked "A Night in Sickbay".
Marie -- 22 Oct 2002, 00:42 EST

The reviewer said:

Archers story about how he acquired Porthos made it seem as if this dog was just another dog in a long line of dogs, and that Archer couldnt stand to be without one. It was as if Archer was more concerned with how he would replace Porthos in the depths of space than he was with Porthos survival.

As a dog owner, THAT was one of many parts of this episode that screamed out at me. Archer does not give a care about this dog in particular, only having a dog in general.

AND, just my particular nit: No reputable breeder would let a puppy leave its dam at only 6 wks. I know many of you, including myself at one time or another, may have gotten a puppy that young, and I mean no insult to any of you. I just know now that it is not something a truly caring breeder would allow. Will now dismount my soapbox, and go to bed.


and one more thing...
Marie -- 22 Oct 2002, 00:59 EST

...before I step off the soapbox:

... they did not even try to hide that Porthos is a female. :-(


Cogley cracks me up.
D'Alaire -- 22 Oct 2002, 06:17 EST

His comparison of Archer to The Brady Bunch's Oliver and himself at five was too classic, much it was horrifyingly true. (smirk)

And this... "Enterprise" shoves [sexiness] in your face, and sterilizes any chemistry in the process. You can't tell me that two characters have chemistry. You have to show it to me and let me figure it out for myself. "Enterprise" is like a porno without any actual sex.

Ding! He gets the gold star for that one. That's putting it better than I've been able to.

Hmmm. :rolleyes:
Nina -- 22 Oct 2002, 08:17 EST

Although I resent that line about "women and children" (WHY do so many males assume that whatever a wife or girlfriend thinks, msut therefore constitute the opinion of all - or at least most - of her fellow females? Sheesh, are we not individual people???), I laughed my way through this one with great delight.

ENTERPRISE: LOOSE CANON. I could almost feel a fanfic coming on.

Re: I don't think Samuel T Cogley liked "A Night in Sickbay".
AC -- 23 Oct 2002, 00:00 EST

"Someone needs to tell Berman and Braga that sex and puppies don't mix."

Awwww, man, I liked that rum & Coke! I wanted to drink it, not clean it off my monitor. ;)

*stifles a mad fit of the giggles*

"I was a bit concerned when Archer told Phlox that his ex-girlfriend's mother immediately called Archer when she learned that her dog was pregnant. Just what exactly was she accusing Archer of?"

I can see it now, Archer gets hit with a paternity suit!

Thanks for the link. :D