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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... The NY Metro Area
D -- 28 Sep 2001, 14:50 EST

(In no particular order.)

10.Tuvok would appreciate the logical layout of the Streets and Avenues in Midtown but fail to understand the illogical habits of jaywalking and cabs running red lights.
9.Crew members would have to be cautious walking where two corridors intersect in order not to be hit by bicycle messengers.
8.The crew would say they're standing on line when queuing in the mess hall.
7.The crew would kvetch that Neelix's cooking gives them aggita.
6.Every replicator would come pre-programmed with Chinese takeout, pushcart style hot dogs and pizza.
5.When talking about visiting the Resort program they'd say they were "going down the shore".
4.The Maquis/Starfleet divisions would seem minor compared to those between Yankees/Mets and Jets/Giants fans.
3.When trading for supplies no one would be willing to pay retail.
2.When docking at a space station Tom would inquire about alternate side of the station parking rules.
1.They would have started wearing the new uniforms as soon as they learned about them, since they're mostly basic black.