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Letters From The Delta Quadrant

Letter From Seven Of Nine To The Hansen Family
Andy — 2 Feb 1998

Letter written by Seven of Nine to any relatives on Earth

To: Any relatives of Annika Hansen (Born Stardate 25479 at the Tendara Colony.)

I am writing at the behest of Captain Kathryn Janeway, commanding officer of the Starship Voyager.

I am unaccustomed to communicating in this manner, nor do I fully understand the purpose behind this "letter." Captain Janeway has expresed the concern that I advise those humans with whom I am biologically related that I am living.

Exactly 19 years, seven months and 12 days ago, the ship occupied by my father, mother, and myself was was overtaken and assimilated by the Borg in the Delta Quadrant. Until five months ago,

I functioned as a drone within the Borg community. My designation was Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One.

A series of events brought me back into contact with human beings, and I was eventually severed from the collective on the orders of Captain Janeway. My appearance has reverted to human form, however, I retain the designation "Seven of Nine," and am often referred to simply as "Seven." The designation under which you may have known me, "Annika," has no meaning to me.

Although recent events have been difficult, I have found a degree of purpose as an individual within this group, seeking to aid them in their quest to return to the Alpha Quadrant. Although I have little understanding of the phenomenon, I have come to share an interest in the attainment of this goal. It has become a matter of personal interest.

I have no direct knowledge of what became of my biological parents. However, at the time I was severed from the collective, I sensed that the drones which had formerly been my parents remained intact and functional. Again, for reasons I do not comprehend, I have developed a certain curiousity about their fate.

At this writing I am fully functional and reasonably satisfied with my present situation. I have no other matters to report at this time.

Seven of Nine