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Letters From The Delta Quadrant

Letter From The EMH To Dr Zimmerman
ande — 28 Jan 1998

Letter written by the EMH program to his creator, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman

My Dear Dr. Zimmerman,

I am the Mark I holographic doctor program that you helped to create. I just thought that I would send a correspondence to you and give you some insight into programming a holographic doctor.

First let me say thank you for the fine "beginning" program you gave me. I have added a lot of additional programming to my original matrix. So much so that you probably wouldn't recognize me.

Well, of course you would 'recognize' me, I do look like you after all; but, my program has grown and changed a great deal since the time I uttered those immortal first words "Please state the nature of the emergency." Secondly let me say that you really should work on the personality subroutine from the Mark II holographic doctor. He could use a little improvement in bedside manner. I was impressed by the holoemitters on the Prometheas (sp). Of course, I can go anywhere thanks to my mobile emitter. I aquired that from a theif who stole some 29th century technology. I liberated it from him while we were on a mission in the 20th century. That was an adventure. It was my first away mission, not that it was a voluntary away mission. I was kidnapped. It was not an enjoyable experience.

Oh, it seems that I am running out of space for my message. You would think that Ensign Kim and 7of 9 could do a better job with the message relay system so that we would not have to limit our messages. I have several papers to submit to the Federation Medical Association. One more thing before the good Ensign cuts me off: In the future could you PLEASE program the holographic doctors with a little more hair and a bit more controll over his or her program? You would not believe the battles I have had to fight and continue to fight even for the most basic rights.

Oh, and a NAME would be a nice touch don't you think. I still haven't decided on one. Mr. Paris insist on calling me 'Doc.' I suppose it will have to do until I decide on a better one. What? Mr. Kim has just reminded me that we don't have all day to send these messages, so I'll wrap this one up.

Good day,
Emergency Medical Hologram
UFP/Voyager designation 047074