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Letters From The Delta Quadrant

Letter From Tom To Ricky

Letter written by Tom Paris to his old girlfriend, Ricky

Dear Ricky,

Okay... I guess you thought you'd never hear from me again. And I guess I could have written a lot sooner to tell you that I'm sorry about that broken date. Perhaps if the ghosts of Christmas Past had waited another 24 hours before persuading me to confess? It's kind of difficult to keep your appointments when you're under arrest for falsifying evidence.

You could have attended the court martial though. Or at least visited me in New Zealand.

But that's all old news now. I just thought I'd let you know...that holoprogram I was working on? The one at Sandrine's? Well, I finally finished it in the Delta Quadrant, and it's proven to be pretty popular with the crew of Voyager. After four years, Harry and I still go there a couple of times a week to shoot a few racks of pool...providing we can persuade the Captain to shut down her DaVinci program for long enough to let us have some holodeck time too, that is.

I'm afraid I had to delete the Ricky holocharacter though. B'Elanna told me that she needed to purge some of the holodeck database in order to free up space for the EMH program's personality extensions, or the DaVinci program's adaptive reasoning add-on, or something like that. She said it was a direct order from the Captain, but I'm not altogether sure that she might not have had an ulterior motive in there somewhere...

Anyway, it's been nice "talking" to you again. Could you do me a favour and forward the enclosed letter on to my mother? (I'd send it myself, but I'm not sure she'd ever see it if the Admiral happened to set eyes on it first.) Thanks, Rick. I'll stand you a nice dinner when I get back from the Delta Quadrant - provided B'Elanna will let me, of course. So, keep a day free in your diary for 2438!

Yours faithfully

(Um... B'Elanna tells me I shouldn't use any signoff that might be subject to misinterpretation, so...)

Best wishes, Tom