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Letters From The Delta Quadrant

Letter From Chakotay To Hawkeye
G'Inny — 28 Jan 1998

Letter written by Chakotay to his cousin in Ohio

Dear Hawkeye--

I imagine that, by the time you receive this letter, you will have heard the news. The Maquis ship that I captained was pulled into the Delta Quadrant by a being of immense power, along with the Federation Starship Voyager. I won't bore you with all the details, which will be in the mission logs that I am certain that Captain Janeway will forwarding to Starfleet, but I will tell you that I have been blessed with an opportunity that I never thought to have again--serving as an officer on a Starfleet vessel. When we initially combined our crews over three years ago, it was anyone's guess as to whether or not we could overcome our admittedly bitter differences and become a functioning, interdependent starship crew, but we did. More than that, we became a family. A matriarchy, in fact.

Of course, considering our tribe's history and tradition, that wasn't a problem for me, at all. Kathryn Janeway, my captain, is an amazing woman, Hawk--a stubborn, determined, techhead with a red-head's temperment and a fiercely protective, almost maternal, attitude toward the crew. I admire her, in many ways, and we have become friends...very good friends, in fact.

I could spend the bulk of this letter recounting our adventures and the new species that we have encountered in the Delta Qudrant. And I'm sure that you would just love to hear about our former borg crewmember, Seven. She reminds me a little of that efficiency expert you dated a few years ago. She looks a little like her, too--and she and B'Elanna mix like matter and anti-matter. You remember me talking about B'Elanna Torres, don't you? She's the chief engineer, now, and pursuing a relationship with Tom Paris. That's right--Admiral Paris' son. Another long story, Hawk, but a good one, I think, with what I hope will be a happy ending. For both Tom and B'Elanna's sake.

Anyway, as I said, I could go on and on, but you can read most of it in the logs. I am hopeful that Starfleet will be able to get messages back to us. If so, I want you to let me know how the family is. I considered writing to Aunt Lillith directly, but you're more communications savvy, and I have more confidence in your ability to coordinate a response...and in your discretion, as well. I've enclosed an encripted message for Glenna. She already has the incription code. If you cannot find her within a reasonable time, destroy the message and mention it to no one.

Tell everyone that I am well and happy and that I have every hope that we will bring Voyager home soon. May the spirits of our ancestors bless you and the family--Chakotay