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VC Compleat: The Delta Quadrant Oz

In honor of the re-release of the Wizard of Oz
Roxanne — 110 Jan 1998, 1:55 PM

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Voyager City Opera House Presents:
The Delta Quadrant Oz

B'Ellana Torres as Dorothy
Tom Janeway as Hunk (the Scarecrow)
Marshall V. Tuvok as Hickory (the Tin Woodsman)
Hop Sing Neelix as Zeke (the Lion)
Chakotay Torres as Professor Marvel (the Wizard)
Seska as Miss Gulch (the Wicked Witch of the West or www)
Kathryn Janeway as Glenda the Good witch of the North
Kes Janeway as Aunt Em
Doctor Holliday as Uncle Henry
The Ocampa as the Munchkins
The Kazon as www's air force (flying monkeys)
The Krenim as www's foot soldiers.
Special guest appearance of Neomi the dog as Toto the Klingon Targ.

Produced by Lee Marie Peters, Diane Artemis Gordon, and Terry aka Mad Man Miles.
Directed by Clare Darrow, Cowgirl Vickie, and Peggy Lou.
Props by Old Mike, Max and Tim of the Jungle
Scenery by Madame Maxine, Captain Juliet, and Racine.
Costumes by Madame D'Allaireux
Makeup by Ruthie Tupp Gulch
Hairstyles by Madame Emony
Lights by Dr. Peter Morf
Spritual and Moral Advisor is Reverand Windes.

Part II.
Roxanne — 110 Jan 1998, 2:13 PM

"Aunt Em, Uncle Henry," Dorothy cried as she hurried through the doors of their Klingon Armor Shop at the space station. Under her arms she carried her constant companion a Klingon Targ with the "vicious name" of Toto. Em and Henry Dale were hurrying around their shope counting the number of pain sticks they had in stock.

"Dorothy, we don't have time right now," Em said in exasperation. She really loved her niece, but sometimes her exubrance was too much for Em to cope with.

"That's right, Dorothy," Uncle Henry placated, always the peace maker. "We have to get inventory counted before tomorrow when a Klingon war cruiser is scheduled to arrive at the station." He dutifully wrote down the number given to him by his wife.

"But Aunt Em," Dorothy protested.

"Not now. See if you can play somewhere else out of the way."

Dorothy walked around the shop playing with the leather armour that was so favored by Klingons. She loved the feel of leather in her hands and wondered if she would ever feel it on.

Around the next shelf were here three friends and the shop's assistants who were counting Batleths and other Klingon weapons. One was a thin wirey man with a lackadaisical manner. He always seemed to be tripping over his two feet and hurting himself. His name was Hunk. The second was a thin man also, but seemed a little more careful about where he put himself. His name was Hickory. The third man was always a little timid for all his size. He seemed so out of place in this shop of ancient weapons. His name was Zeke.

"Do you know what Miss Gulch is going to do?" she quizzed her friends. "She is going to take Toto and have him destroyed; only because he got into her fabric store and pulled apart all her bolts of fabrics."

"Now, Dorothy, you know your aunt won't let that happen," Hunk said with reassurance.

"Affirmative," said Hickory. "To let her take your animal would just mean that you would have less to do and get in her way more. Therefore it would be illogical for her to let your animal go." Dorothy saw Hunk look towards the door where Miss Gulch had entered the shop with a carrying basket.

Miss Gulch spoke quietly to Em to which Em replied, "Lets talk about this in the office, shall we. Come along, Henry. Dorothy!"

Dorothy held Toto a little tighter as she followed Aunt Em and Miss Gulch back to the office. Henry threw her a quick but half-hearted smile. The door wasn't even shut when Miss Gulch started her tirade.

"That animal is a menace. Not only does he wreck my shop and chase away my customers, but this time he bit me. It took the doctor 3 hours to mend the damage he'd done to me. I have an order here to take this "thing" and destroy it." She handed the order to Em who glanced at it.

"She's right, Dorothy," Aunt Em sighed. "I'm afraid we'll have to abide by the order. Put Toto in her basket, Henry then find her something to pull it with so she won't have to carry it."

Dorothy ran out of the shop crying fitfully as Henry did as he was bid.

Part III.
Roxanne — 110 Jan 1998, 2:30 PM

Dorothy had found a dark corner of the space station where she sat crying her heart out. From there she watched as Miss Gulch pulled the wagon which carried Toto to his final destination. Toto heard his mistress crying and knew she was in distress. He broke open the basket and jumped out of the moving wagon and ran over to his mistress licking the tears off her face.

"Toto," Dorothy exclaimed as she grabbed her wiggling friend. She glanced around the station in panic. "You're not safe yet. I have to run away to keep you safe." She ran with Toto as fast as she could down the corridor to find someplace to hide her newly rescued friend.

Suddenly she was brought to an abrupt halt when she ran into a solid object. She looked up and saw a charming older man with a gentle smile. His dimples deep in both cheeks seemed to say "Trust me." Instinctively, Dorothy did. "Whoa there. Where are you going?"

"I'm sorry, Sir, but I really need to go."

He smiled again at her earnestness. "Yes, I can see that, but how about some root beer before you do as an apology since I almost ran you down. I am Professor Marvel, at your service."

Dorothy nodded her head and he guided her to a dark bench away from the crowds while he got the root beer. While sipping this, Dorothy gave him the whole story. He sat there thoughtfully without interupption. "So you see why I have to run. I can't let them hurt an innocent animal."

Professor Marvel agreed but quietly added some thoughts. "I have a suggestion to make. Why don't you find a quiet place to hide for a few hours. I'll go talk to your aunt and tell her what's happened, and maybe between the two of us we can placate this Miss Gulch."

Dorothy nodded and the two new friends separated from each other. Dorothy found her way to the docking ring. Behind the door was a ship that had docked a couple of days ago. During one of her visits with security she had watched while he'd disabled a security system, so she entered the ship, thinking that since it was waiting for supplies and crew that it probably wouldn't be leaving for a few more day.

She walked around the ship enjoying the feel until she came to the observation area. There she sat humming to herself until she fell asleep. (Out in the Heavens)

Suddenly she was abruptly pulled from her sleep by a jolt. Looking out the window she saw an ion stream had surrounded Voyager and it was moving very fast. Panicked by the sudden movement, she sat up abruptly and hit her head on the end table. The last thing she remembered seeing was Miss Gulch riding in a Cardassian freighter before she passed out again.

"Out in the Heavens"
Roxanne — 110 Jan 1998, 2:35 PM

Sung to Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere out in the heavens among the stars,
There's a ship that will take me away to a land afar.
Somewhere out in the heavens I will fly,
Where I will find my peace or I'll know the reason why.

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up with this place left far behind me.
Where troubles melt like jumja sticks,
And happiness's a daily fix.
That's where you'll find me.
Some where out in the heavens ships will fly,
And I'll be there to seek my destiny in the sky.

If ships can fly out in the sky
And take me there, why oh why can't I?

Delta Quadrant Oz, Chapter 2
Roxanne — 114 Jan 1998, 11:31 PM

When Dorothy came to she found herself lyin in a field of corn stalks. Toto was licking her face again. "I'm not sure where we are, Toto, but it looks like Kansas," she muttered as she tried to contain her fear. She saw people in Star Fleet uniforms looking around the farm with tricorders and sunk deeper into the corn, hoping that her life signs would blend in with others.

Suddenly she felt herself being pulled by some invisible force to a place that looked suspiciously like a barn. She was joined by another group of Star Fleet crew, but they didn't notice her in their wonder of what was happening to them.

The force placed them on top of uncomfortable looking beds and drugged them. "Not again," she thought just before she lost consciousness for the third time.

When she awoke again, a blazing headache had settled behind her eyes, causing her vision to blur. It was then she saw a beautiful woman dressed in a glittery white dress.

"Who are you?" she demanded. "Am I dead?"

The woman chuckled. "No, you're very much alive. I'm Glenda, the good witch of the North. Who are you and how did you get here?"

"I'm Dorothy. I went on a ship called Voyager to watch the stars, the wormhole, and the ships. That's really all I remember." She panicked again. "Where's Toto?"

"Toto? Oh, you mean your Targ. He's over on the other bed. He's fine, and so will you be."

Dorothy, relieved that her beloved pet was alive, realized how tired she really was. Glenda helped her lie down again on the bed and brought Toto over and tucked him under her arm.

"Do you feel better now?" Dorothy nodded. "Okay, I'm going to ask some questions. You're not in trouble; I just need the answers, so be truthful, ok?" Dorothy nodded again. "I guess the best thing for you to do is to start at the beginning and tell me what you remember."

Chapter 2 part II.
Roxanne — 114 Jan 1998, 11:46 PM

"Well, as I said, my name is Dorothy Gale. Miss Gulch is a person who runs the fabric store on the space station. She doesn't like Toto, and he pulled the fabric from the bolts of her store. She threatened to kill him, so I was going to run away. Then I met Professor Marvel who convinced me that running away wouldn't be the best thing to do, and that I should find a quiet place to wait until they could straighten things out. So I came here to wait, as I said to watch space. I must have fallen asleep, because the only thing I remember is seeing Miss Gulch on a Cardassian ship and a corn field."

Glenda sat quietly and wondered how she was going to break the news that indeed Dorothy had inadvertantly run away. "Well, Dorothy, you're a long way from home, but before we go into that let me tell you a little of what happened here.

"Apparently, a couple of days ago, you woke up for a short time. You saw a confrontation between a Munchkin and the Wicked Witch of the East. From what I have learned, you waded in and started throwing punches. Your interference saved the life of the Munchkin and allowed the rest of us to put her out of commission."

Dorothy was aghast. "You mean she's dead?" Glenda nodded. "I don't remember any of this," Dorothy continued. "Who or what are the Munchkins?"

"They're the people who live here. They're throwing you a party. You're a national hero. You'll meet them there." Glenda turned and lifted the blue dress that Dorothy had seen on the hanger at the door. "The Munchkins made this for you. Put it on, and bring your animal, and I'll meet you outside."

Dorothy did as she was directed. She placed Toto on the floor and the two of them followed Glenda into the other room. There was much rejoicing going on. The Munchkins were dancing around singing a song.

"Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead"

Ding dong the witch is dead.
Which old witch?
The wicked witch
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead.
Wake up, you sleepy head,
Rub your eyes,
Get out of bed.
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead.
She's gone where goblins go,
Below, below below.
Yo ho lets open up and sing
And ring the bells out.
Ding dong the merry-o
Sing it high,
Sing it low.
Let them know the wicked witch is dead.

Chapter 2 Part III.
Roxanne — 114 Jan 1998, 11:57 PM

The singing suddenly stopped as the Munchkins realized that Dorothy and Toto had entered the room. They scattered, looking for places to hide, and those that couldn't find them hunched down and tried to look inconspicuous.

Glenda smiled kindly as she watched them scatter.

"Munchkin Land"

Come out, come out, wherever you are.
And meet the young lady who came from afar.
She fell from the sky, she fell very far.
What she doesn't know is the name of your star.
(Munchkins) But she doesn't know the name of our star.
(Glenda)She brings you good news
Or haven't you heard?
When she ended up with us,
A miracle occurred.

It really was no miracle.
What happened was just this.
The ship began to rock,
My Knees to knock,
But the Captain of this vessel
Didn't even baulk.
Just then the witch
To satisfy and itch,
Went flying in her space ship,
Looking for her nitch.

And, oh what happened then was rich.
The ship began to rock.
The crew began to gawk,
The ship arrived here looking for
A safe place it could dock.
Then Dorothy came to us,
Hoping for a place
In which she wouldn't shock.
Found the wicked witch,
Who began to twitch,
And was rdueced to just a stitch
Of what was once the wicked witch.

Chapter 2 Part IV.
Roxanne — 115 Jan 1998, 12:14 AM

Lullaby League and Lollipop Guild

Then she was approached by what she thought were the younger Munchkins.
"We represent the generation X
The generation X, the generation X,
And in the name of the gneration X,
We wish to welcome you to Munchkin land.

After that, a couple of the older generation came up.
We represent the traditional guild,
the traditional guild, the traditional guild,
And in the name of the tradtional guild,
We wish to welcome you to Munchkin land.

(All the Munchkins).
We welcome you to Munchkinland.
Tra la lalalala, Tra lala, tralala,
Tra lalalalalala
From now on you'll be history,
You'll be hist, you'll be hist,
You'll be history,
And we will glorify your name,
You'll be a bust, be a bust
be a bust, in the Hall of Fame.
Tralala etc.

In the middle of this celebration a funnel of red smoke appeared in the middle of the room. A woman (if you could call her that) appeared midst that smoke. She had green skin with a copper glow. There was an egg-shaped scar in the middle of her forehead. She was dressed all in black and had a broom in one hand.

"Who did this?" she asked angrily, pointing to crooked finger at the body across the room.

"I thought you said she was dead," Dorothy whispered to Glenda.

"This is another one."

"Another one! How many do you have out here, wherever here is?"

"She's the last wicked one. She's the Wicked Witch of the West." Then Glenda added sarcastically, "affectionately know as the www by thos of us who know her well."

WWW examined the body of her fallen comrade and turned angrily to Glanda and Dorothy. She pointed that same crooked finger at Dorothy. "Did you do this? Are you the cause? If you did, and I suspect that you did, I'll hunt you down and find you when you don't have all this help. Be very careful my dear."

Dorothy cowered behind Glenda as Glenda laughed at the threat. "Dorothy is coming with me on my ship. I think that between me, the Wizard and my crew, we'll keep her safe."

"You'd better protect her well, because if you don't...." With that final threat, the www vanished in another funnel of smoke.

Glenda smiled at Dorothy. "Well, how about it, Dorothy? Would you like to come with me? We'll do our best to get you home."

Dorothy sighed with relief. "Yes, I'd like that, but where is home?"

"See that star way off in the north?"

Chapter 2 Part V.
Roxanne — 115 Jan 1998, 12:19 AM

"We're off to the Alpha Quadrant."
(Off To See The Wizard)

Follow that far away star.
Follow that far away star.
Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow that far away star.

We're off to the alpha quadrant.
It's a long long way from here.
We took a trip,
That caused a slip.
We're missed what we hold dear.

If we didn't know what we had had before,
We know it now,
And this we vow,
We'll find the way before they miss us more.
We'll speed through this space till we reach our door.
We'll speed through this space till we reach our door.

We're off to the Alpha quadrant,
It's a long long way from here.

Glenda tapped her wand, and was answered by a voice in the air. "Two to beam up," she commanded. Dorothy felt the familiar tingle of the transporter beam.