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Letters From The Delta Quadrant

Letter From Tuvok To T'Pel
Fliteman — 28 Jan 1998

Letter written by Tuvok to his wife, T'Pel

It is well the chance exists to correspond. As you can plainly ascertain, I, and the crew of the Voyager, are not dead. It is agreeable to inform you of the many encounters with unknowns I have had here in the Delta Quadrant; There have been many. The humans I serve with have performed acceptably in many areas.

As you are probably aware, the humans' use of humor is, shall we say, bordering on unacceptable. During my Human studies on Vulcan, the theory of using humor as a code amongst themselves was raised, in that we would be unable to understand any matters they deemed needing security; however, I can attest - that theory may be completely rebuked. It was my...forecast... that the exile we face here in the Delta Quadrant would reduce the use of humor as communication; indeed - it has only been increased. Recently, after receiving a field promotion from Captain Janeway, I was severely attacked through "humor" in some sort of ritualistic activity. I defended myself adequately, indeed, several of the crew accused me of using "humor" to strike back. Logically, I did not correct their beliefs, in the belief that if I answered their attacks in their own terms, the use of humor would be reduced.

It has only increased two-fold. Human characteristics continue to elude me.

If you are able to respond, I inquire about your health, and the health of our children. Also, I wish to cancel my subsription to the Earth magazine called "MAD" - it will be of no use to me out here, and none when I return. I will have no more "humor" for awhile.

And I will return.

Once parted,