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Letters From The Delta Quadrant

Letter From Neelix To Shoney's
Ruth — 2 Feb 1998

To the General Manager of Shoney's Incorporated:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please accept this letter as an expression of my intent to apply for the position of cook at one of your many fine restaurants throughout the Alpha Quadrant. As you can see from the attached resume, although I am a stranger to your lovely quadrant, I have spent the last four years creating tempting recreations of Alpha Quadrant cuisine for the members of the starship "Voyager." I am especially proud of my "Rodeo Red's Rootin Tootin Chile," (light on the jalopy-noes) and my "Leola Root Provencal." I have spoken with some of my colleagues about your particular menu, and I don't think you'll be disappointed in my "All Talaxian Burger" or my "Hot Fudge Leola Cake."

I have attached several testimonials regarding my culinary artistry for your perusal, but allow me here to recite a few highlights.

"I find it difficult to find the proper adjectives to describe Neelix's cooking," Lt. Thomas Eugene Paris.

"I don't think the cooking world will ever again see as unique a talent." Captain Kathryn Janeway.

"Taste is Irrelevant," Seven of Nine.

Most Sincerely Yours, Neelix