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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... St Petersburg
Nammy and PegN

10.Tracy's elderly relief helmsman would not be able to see over the console.
9.He would also tie up the already congested rush hour traffic looking for "early bird specials."
8.Holodecks would be replaced by shuffleboard courts.
7.Dinner hour would end at 7:00 to prepare for nightly bingo.
6.All off duty female Voyagers would attend bingo wearing every piece of jewelery they owned.
5.Chakotay would desert the ship to take over Seminole Bingo.
4.Tuvok would desert ship and head to Clearwater where he would trade in his Starfleet uniform for the light blue shirt/dark blue pants uniform as he embraces Scientology.
3.Tourist shops would line on every deck selling shell art, tacky tee shirts that say, "I got crabs on St. Pete Beach" and *mouse* related stuff.
2.Shuttles would be waverunners.
1.Voyager's bumper sticker would say, "Pray for me. I drive on US 19."