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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Reno, Nevada

(Warning, it would have to be rated R)

Andy will have to do Vegas, because although we share the same state capital, Vegas is an different entity.

10.In the hydroponics bay there would be tumbling weed, sage brush and pinion pine.
9.Each ship would be equiped with tire chains, warp core chargers, duct tape, blankets, and emergency rations in case the way closes due to a stellar star storm.
8.There would be a sign saying "Welcome to the Delta Quadrant, the lonliest place in the Galaxy."
7.The bumper sticker would read "This ship protected by a compression phasor rifle. Steal at your own risk."
6.Whenever they did run into a ship, every other one would be the equivalent of an SUV.
5.Instead of Sandreins or the beach holo program, there would be topless bars with ladies night every other night.
4.Everywhere in the delta quadrant, even in the middle of the most desolate place there, billboards would have semi-nude women advertizing the latest show at the casinos in the next town.
3.Next to each casino there would be a pawn shop where you could sell everything to pay your bill at the casino.
2.There would be manditory water rationing due to a seven year drought that was over 5 years ago.
1.In every corner of Voyager there would be slot machines where people could lose their replicator rations at frequent intervals, and the ones with the worst return would be in the mess hall.