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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Statesboro, Georgia

10.The back windshield of ship would have a gun rack and a Confederate flag decal, and there'd be a sticker on the bumper saying, "Don't Come a Knockin If This Ship Is a Rockin!"
9.B'Elanna would be able to get most of the needed replacement parts for the ship at one of the many gun n' pawn shops in town.
8.The Maquis crew members would insist on placing placards all over the ship that display the Maquis battle flag, with the words "Save Our Heritage" printed underneath.
7.There would be a kegger on Voyager's frat row every Thursday night (there are classes on Friday?)
6.If you want any kind of specialty food items, you'd have to go trade with the ships from Savannah or Atlanta.
5.Every time Janeway went into a restaurant, she'd end up getting a waiter who she gave an "F" to back when she was an instructor at Starfleet Academy.
4.All the good men on the ship would be either married or gay, and the first questions that the women on the ship would ask any AOTW: are you single, and how does your species feel about committed relationships?
3.While everyone would be courteous to Neelix, Kes, and Seven, even years later they'd still be considered outsiders as opposed to the FFV (First Families of Voyager).
2.At the Saturday night honky tonk, most of the men wouldn't think Seven's jeans are tight *enough*.
1.Discussions of battles, strategies, possible defensive maneuvers: are they talking about the Borg, the Kazon, the Hirogen? Hell no! They are talking about THE war, the US Civil War.