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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Saskatchewan

10.Voyager would be equipped with snow plow equipment front, side and back.
9.A new course will be offered to show each crew member how to explain their makeup. Remember it is husband-wife, you are not allowed to discuss husband/brother-wife/sister with outsiders.
8.All crew members will report to the ships barber every Wednesday to have the hayseed hanging out of their eyes trimmed to a minimum of 2 inches.
7.During working hours, each crew member in shift will stand on the Scarth Street mall to bum quarters and cigarettes.
6.In order to enter politics all Voyager potentials will take the required course "How to hide those extra freebies in your provincial expense account". This can be done for computer purchases, family trips, facelifts and any other "political" type expenses.
5.All together now "DUH", blank eyes, pasted smiles. Practice people, practice.
4.A two month break will be called on exploration during August and September to bring in the Harvest.
3.Pedestrians are free game, therefore the posted speed limit of Warp 2 can be ignored.
2.For crew members who work part-time at Sears or any other store, you too can be as ignorant and put out at serving customers as regular full-time employees.
1.If at any time a crew member requires the Regina Police your best bet to get their fat butts out of the doughnut shops is to have a female take off her blouse and go topless. This will result in 12 police cruisers arriving on scene within 5 minutes. Any other action such as robbery or murder will cause a 1 to 2 hour delay for just 1 cruiser (Yes folks, true story, 12 of them in 5 minutes).

(not a native of Saskatchewan in case you did not guess).