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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... New York City
Mr and Mrs Mac

10.Subway Stations are replaced by transporter pads.
9.The Hirogen take ownership of the Nazi Soup Kitchen.
8.At the Paramount Theater the Doctor stars in a revival of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."
7.The Marquis Theatre on 46th Street becomes, what else, The Maquis Theatre. Five evenings and 2 matinees a week they show the musical, "Women Warriors at the River Blood."
6.The Metropolitan Opera revives Phillip Glass' opera, "The Voyage." It enjoys repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat after repeat performance (ad nauseum).
5."Titanic: The Musical" closes. "Array: The Musical" opens starring Roxann Dawson (in the chorus line), Joel Gray (holding a Revue in Sandrine's), Becky Ann Baker, etc.
4.Tom and B'Elanna have to take daily space walks to remove the parking tickets from Voyager's windshield.
3.Tuvok becomes police commissioner and the crime rate soars.
2.The Statue of Liberty is replaced by one of B'Elanna's phallic symbols. G'Inny notices and writes about it in her daily New York Volunteer Post gossip column.
1.New York's favorite bad-humor cartoon, "South Park" would have a cast change. Kenny's contract would not be renewed. Harry Kim would replace him to stunning reviews when week after week New York delights in hearing, "Oh no! They've killed Harry!"