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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Music City, USA (Nashville, Tennessee)

10.Tom wouldn't signal to change lanes, slow down for yellow lights, or follow other spacecraft at a safe distance.
9.To attract a Delta Quadrant professional sports franchise, Kathryn would build a new stadium in the shuttle bay, guarantee the team owner a certain portion of replicator rations, no matter how badly the team plays, and sign away all the parking andconcessions revenues.
8.Chakotay would wear cowboy boots with his uniform.
7.It would be discovered that half the Starfleet crew signed on just to help pay the bills until they sold their first song.
6.The Voyager University football team would suck.
5.Someone would bring up the evolution vs. creationism debate...again.
4.All the shuttlecraft would have compressions phaser rifle racks in the back.
3.Leola root would be deep-fried and served with cole slaw and cornbread.
2.Instead of the bun, the ponytail, or the bob, Kathryn would have Southern big hair.
1.Baptist crew members would boycott the beach resort program, because it looks suspiciously like Central Florida.