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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Los Angeles

10.Chakotay hires an agent to get him a better deal than second-in-command.
9.Seven refuses to go on away-missions unless accompanied by her own hair, makeup and wardrobe team.
8.Wolfgang Puck turns the galley into a new Spago with Neelix as sous-chef serving barbecued leola root and goat cheese pizza.
7.AOTW would include Scientologists, Hare Krishnas, Hollywood punks, and the cast of Friends.
6.Crewmembers would bicker constantly about the fine points of how much vermouth to use in the perfect martini, and whether James Cameron is really a genius or a maniac.
5.Tom and Bellanna's new favorite holodeck program: Gidget and the Big Kahuna - The Starship Days.
4.Crewmembers only want to work part time so they can shop around their scripts, including the Doc, who is about to option his screenplay - Friday 13th, Part 19: The Curse of Voyager.
3.Bellana discovers that hydroponically-grown hash keeps the warp core purring. She gets VC funding to head a bio-tech start-up.
2.Tuvok wanders into the West Hollywood Halloween parade and disappears for days. He returns in a pink caftan and feather boa, humming "I Will Survive" looking dazed and confused.
1.Janeway discovers plastic surgery and goes hog wild. One day she looks like Michelle Pfeiffer, the next like Meryl Streep. The crew only listens to her because she's holding their SAG cards.