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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Long Island
Dr Lense

(Nassau and Suffolk Counties)

The South Shore...

10.Neelix discovers the Greek in him and decided to turn the mess hall into a diner complete with placemats, fried leola root sandwiches, and a decor done in hot pink, chrome and mirrors.
9.Seven opens her own hair and nail salon that specializes in the "bigger is better" look. Diamonte nail inserts available.
8.B'Elanna takes engineering extension courses at SUNY Stony Brook.
7.Naomi Wildman drops out of school and has Carey's baby.
6.Tom opens an auto body shop on the holodeck.
5.Even though Tom keeps promising Kes that he will leave B'Elanna, she takes matters into her own hands and shoots B'Elanna in the head. B'Elanna lives, however, and Tom vehemently denies having an affair. Kes is sentenced to 2-5 in a minimum security facility upstate.
4.Tuvok spends his time off duty in Seska's two room bar where the drinks are horribly overpriced.
3.The uniform is updated, baggy jeans and baseball hats for the guys, short skirts, high heeled boots and nameplate jewellery for the ladies.
2.Voyager adds bizarre bumper stickers and a neon license plate holder to it's rear while Tom adds some nice striping to the sides of the nacells.
1.Janeway has Chakotay's baby but then discovers that he's been seeing Seska on the side, she divorces him and he moves into a small apartment north of the railroad tracks.

and more...

North and South shores: To avoid Federation taxes the crew has their shuttles registered in Delaware.

North shore: Every Saturday Chakotay stuffs his pockets with quarters, dons his lucky rabbits' foot, prays to his spirit guide and boards the hovercraft to Foxwoods Gambling Casino in Connecticut (on Indian property).

North shore: Harry Kim can't handle Starfleet Academy so he drops out and lives with mommy until he's 38.

North shore: Neelix opens a coffee café in Kes' environmentally friendly bookstore. Specialities? Leola Blend, of course. Harry, looking for a job here and there, plays clarinet in a corner while everyone totally ignores him.

South shore: Amityville horror house becomes the home base of the AOTW (alien of the week).

North and south shores: Blackouts occur. The crew is asked not to use the replicators and holodeck during peak hours.