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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... London, England #1

(from a non-native)

10.Bellana and Seven get into a catfight over a cashmere sweater on the sale table at Harrods.
9.The crew vacation in Venice where they bicker over who gets the Room with a View.
8.Neelix's new recipe: Bangers and leola mash.
7.Neelix is happily reunited with Kes, whose latest incarnation is the newest Spice Girl: "Spacey Spice."
6.Harry becomes a Spice Girl groupie, getting a new nickname from the British tabloids - "Pathetic Spice."
5.Queen Elizabeth knights the Holodoc, who has discovered a vaccine for the royal family's receding chins.
4.Holodoc chooses the name Sir Jeeves, and likes to frequent his favorite pub with his new pet bulldog, Camilla-Bowles.
3.Tom's affair with Bellana heats up and the British tabs illicitly tape him telling her, "I wish I were your tampon."
2.Tuvok contracts Mad Cow disease at a local McDonalds and the illness makes him sleepwalk through London in the nude.
1.Janeway is depressed with the gloomy and damp weather, and finally lets Chakotay "Cheer her up" -Ba-Dum-Bump!