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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Kentucky
Vickie T

10.What do you mean "coffee?" Give me a Mountain Dew in a 1 liter bottle!
9.Neelix fixes burgoo instead of leeola root stew. (Burgoo is a stew traditionally made from whatever small game you were able to kill that morning.)
8.Ship's chapel includes a shrine to Kentucky basketball.
7.All regular duty assignments suspended when tobacco ready for cutting.
6.Uniforms would be blue and white (well, duh!).
5.Jeri Ryan?? I have just two words for you: Dolly Parton.
4.All shuttle craft would be rebuilt as shuttle pickups.
3.All nonessential ship operations cease on the first day of the deer seasons (bow, black powder AND regular).
2.Spit can holders installed at all work stations to avoid unsightly spills during evasive and attack maneuvers.
1.First contact WILL be last contact if you come knockin' while a Kentucky Wildcats basketball game is on the big screen at Sandrine's.