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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Indiana
Shawnster -- 5 Feb 1998, 22:57

The Macs have inspired me. I felt left out seeing how mine and Kathryn Janeway's home state wasn't properly represented on their page.

Sorry, I couldn't limit myself to 10.

11.Indiana's own Florence Henderson, Jane Pauly and Johnny Cougar Mellencamp would be guest AOTW on "A Briefing with Neelix."
10.Replicators would be emblazoned with the local convenience store logos of Bigfoot, Speedway or Starvin' Marvin. Janeway's famous line would now be "there's cappuccino in that nebula."
9.Tom and B'Elanna would also be brother and sister.
8.Cartoon picture of Vorik peeing on a Kazon logo stuck in Voyager's back window.
7.Areoponics bay converted to growing corn, tobacco and marijuana. The holodeck resort program would be replaced by cow and pig farm programs.
6.Voyager would look like the rusted pickup Tom found at the beginning of "The 37s."
5.Terminology for parsec, sector, light-year, etc. would be replaced by "yonder," "a ways," and "a little piece." Crew members would be beamed "down in the holler."
4.All sick bay supplies would carry the logo of the Eli Lilly Corp.
3.Comm badges would be resemble the IU, Purdue and Notre Dame logos. Uniforms would be red and white, black and gold and yellow and green respectively.
2.Chakotay would develop new tactics called the screen and three-man zone defense. Crew members would affectionately refer to him as "Coach Knight." In later seasons Coach Knight would draw controversy due to his conduct during battle; he would develop the nasty habit of throwing his command chair and kicking (at) crewmembers who failed to live up to his expectations.
1.An annual competition would be held to determine crew advancement. The top 33 crewmembers would fly shuttles 200 times around a 2.5 light-year circuit. The first officer to complete this would be promoted, receive the Borg-Warner trophy and a nice, cool bottle of milk courtesy of the Federation Dairy Council.