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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Germany #2
Peter -- 6 Feb 1998, 4:11

10.Janeway's hair problem would have been solved by two sideway braids.
9.Seven of Nine would still be JLR, as she is born in Munich :) would love to hear her bavarian accent.
8.replicator output ? Hamburger ? Frankfurter ? Sauerkraut ? urgh !! No .. i would love to see Northsea-shrimp, North coastal sefood and such.
7.AOTW ... Arnold Schwarzenegger (the only German speaking guy known to the US :)
6.Tom had to learn stickshift instead of Voyagers automatic transmission.
5.drinking beer on the bridge is considered nutrition rather than alcohol.
4.No speedlimit on Delta Quadrant Highways :) (oh damn, how do i miss going 120 mph :)
3.sandrine's would be replaced by a nice oktoberfest holodec program
2.Score composed by Wagner (hi Macs :)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the most significant change :
1.The Ships name would be 'Orion' (Lo' and behold, there was a german Science Fiction TV show called 'Orion' which was produced in 1965.. BEFORE Star Trek ! .. the adventures of the Starship Orion :)

isn't that a stupid compilation :) ok .. it is 4 in the night , i suffer insomnia :) thats the result ...