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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Germany #1

My not-so-nice comments about Voyager in this country.

10.The captains chair would be much bigger (look at our chancellor Dr. Kohl).
9.Tom and Bela would have to marry, the captain and Chakotay would have to be at least financies, things are that way over here.
8.Seven has to change her look, she is too sexy for us.
7.The ship would be styled in grey-shades, with this weather it it useless to waste color.
6.There would have been a wall between Marquis and Starfleet quarters that was opened only some month ago.
5.Neelix would cook a great kraut.
4.The holodeck would feature Schuhplattlers, Dirndles and german folk dancers, so noone would ever go there (ugh, imagine this).
3.It is possible that Tuvok and Bellana would get into trouble because they look so different (Hate this one, but it is true).
2.Everything would happen 2 years later, we are a little behind.
1.The ship would be painted in gold, red and black, with a sticker on it: WE DRIVE FASTER THAN 130 KMH AND WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY.