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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Cincinnati, Ohio

10.Larry Flint would be Maj Cullah, trying desperately to fight the obscenity laws in Cincinnati, when no one in Cincinnati cares.
9.The city is being "Displaced" by sports extortionists.
8.The airport is across the Northwest passage.
7.The Bomar claim that Cincinnati is actually in Kentucky. Voyager must therefore avoid their territory.
6.Like Voyager's sthuttles, our auto emissions test centers, are questionable, and the state has to close it down.
5.The "Year of Hell" for Cincinnati was "Black Suday" more commonly called the '37 flood, and there hasn't been a flood since, although the media says otherwise.
4.The accepted rate of speed is Warp 10.
3.Cincinnati is oblivious to anything in the alpha quadrant.
2.We the Zahl have great Barbecue, and chili, although the Krenim claim theirs' is much better. Well we all know what happened to the Zahl.
1.A new race of aliens has learned to speak standard, and periodically mutters, Please? Tuvok thinks that perhaps the universal translaters that the aliens possess are malfunctioning. The crew is stunned, and annoyed.