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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Cicely, Alaska
Fritz -- 28 Jan 1998, 05:16 GMT

1.Neelix turns over "Good Morning Voyager" to Chris, who later quits when he realizes that no one in the 24th century gives a damn about the "duality of man."
2.Neelix gets a job at the Brick, but Holling fires him after he moans "Oh Kes" to Shelly for the third time.
3.The Holodoc and Joel fight over medical procedure. They find middle ground when the holodoc realizes he's Jewish.
4.Maurice calls his lawyer after Janeway kicks him in the quantum torpedo.
5.Chakotay and Leonard get along REALLY WELL if you know what I mean. They take over the bed and breakfast.
6.Neelix takes over as Joel's new medical assistant. The body count peaks at nine.
7.Rabbi Needlebaum gets into BIG trouble when he drops his holo-emitter during a briss.
8.Chakotay and Leonard adopt Harry and Ed.
9.Neelix is found murdered. Constable Tuvok works the case, but he has a premenition of doom when he hears someone in the Brick exclaim "This is Damn fine cherry pie."
10.The Borg attack, but they later retreat when they find they have no defense against the flaming bags of moose dung hurled at their cube.