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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... British Columbia
Brynn -- 26 Jan 1998, 07:45 GMT

10.Visiting AOTW would complain that the replicator credits look like "play money."
9.The sprinkler systems would run non-stop for several months of the year and intermittently for the rest.
8.Warp speed would officially be converted to kilometers per hour.
7.Protestors would chain themselves to the warp core, chanting, "Save the antimatter!"
6.During the summer months, the crew would flee the ship to avoid all the Delta Quadrant tourists.
5.Janeway would start drinking Kokanee beer and forget all about coffee.
4.Controversy would erupt when Miss Voyager began to work at the first Hooters restaurant in the Delta Quadrant.
3.Concerned crew members would fight the addition of slot machines to the messhall.
2.Leola root would be replaced with mushrooms and fiddleheads.
And the #1 way in which Voyager would be different if it were like B.C., Canada:
1.Ensign David Duchovny would whine and whine that he wants to be relocated to the Alpha Quadrant -- and he'd get his way! (thus ending the show)