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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Boulder, Colorado #1

10.Voyager would not travel at a speed of less than Warp 8 on interplanterary system highways.
9.Janeway would ask B'Elanna to add a ski rack to the top of Voyager's hull that would accommodate every crewmembers' skis.
8.Janeway's tranmission with the AOTW to discuss the requirements of getting the latest crewmember out of jail would be pre-empted until the next day by an hour show detailing the Denver Broncos new uniforms and travel arrangements to their next football game.
7.Tuvok's and Kes's combined mental abilities would *still* not be able to find the killer of Jon Benet Ramsey.
6.The crew's favorite holoprogram would be Tom's winter wonderland adventure complete with snowmobiling, snowboarding, extreme skiing and a bonus option of snowball (helmet required). Complimentary jumbo Snickers bars to those who attempt to snowmobile.
5.Neelix's weekly special would be Rocky Mountain oysters with a mug of your favorite microbrew.
4.Instead of a new map of the galaxy, Harry and Seven's special project would have been to research ways in which Engineering and the warp core could also act as a beer processing plant.
3.Every crewmember would try to obtain additional replicator rations by turning their quarters into a Starbucks or other specialized coffee chain franchise.
2.If Voyager was stuck in yet another plasma storm and Chakotay and 110 crewmembers were stuck on a frozen planet with no food or heat or way to get back to the ship, Janeway would *still* order each remaining crewmember to find a way to get the Broncos to Denver Int'l Airport so they could make their charter flight to the next game.
...and the number one way Voyager would be different if it was set in Colorado is....
1.Chakotay, Tuvok, Neelix and Harry would not report for work one day only to be found at a Broncos game wearing T-shirts that said, "Janeway thinks we're at a Promise Keepers meeting."