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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Ann Arbor
Lea Frost

10.Top sellers in the mess hall: bagels, ramen noodles, and lots and lots of coffee.
9.All senior crew members have to find off-ship housing to make room for the increasing number of junior officers.
8.It takes forever for them to get anywhere because of the lousy traffic, and when they get there there's no parking.
7.There's a petition circulating the ship to make James Earl Jones the new computer voice.
6.The corridors are really hard to breathe in, because everybody smokes.
5.In the center of the ship there's a big brass "V." Woe to him who steps on it.
4.Neelix always attends the Hash Bash.
3.Once a year, all the crew members get together and run around the ship naked.
2.Voyager's Parrises Squares team gets screwed over in the coaches' poll.
And the number one change to Voyager if it were set in Ann Arbor...
1.Starfleet officers are suing Janeway because Maquis officers were promoted ahead of them.