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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Anchorage, Alaska
author unknown

10.Janeway would captain her ship, roll with Chakotay in a barn, have her baby, and race her dogsled team in the Iditerod all in one weekend.
9.Instead of lame 'Talent Night,' the Fur Rendevous and the Polar Bear Jump into frozen Resurrection Bay would keep the crew entertained.
8.Instead of Talaxian stew, Neelix would serve caribou sausage, barbecue salmon, and chocolate covered moose terds in the Mess Hall.
7.Wal-mart would take over at least one cargo bay and K-mart would take over the other with McDonald's in between.
6.The crew would dress up as whale fat and dance on the Bridge whenever they got cabin fever too badly.
5.Chakotay would sue Janeway for stealing his land and way of life and she would have to compensate him by building him his own Sickbay and giving his people the right to be the first to hunt bad guy aliens.
4.B'Elanna would fit right in.
3.The crew would vote down Janeway and tell her to float home, because they could get themselves home faster and don't tell us what to do anymore!
2.The crew would vote not to go home at all because they like doing whatever they darn well please.
1.The crew would stay in Alaska because the men outnumber the women and they get paid over a thousand dollars a year just to live there.