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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs That Folks On Voyager Aren't Ready For The End Of Their Summer Vacations
Ruth -- 23 Aug 2000

10.The tops of Neelix's feet are still peeling after he overdid the sun in the beach resort holoprogram. (Pictures to follow)
9.Tuvok and Seven have become beach volleyball playin' fools!, and can't be lured off the sand court.
8.Chakotay called in and said he'd be late - his shuttle crashed during his vacation, and he's having to hitch his way back to the ship.
7.The Doc has promised to sing a full concert in honor of the start of the new season! Causing Janeway to keep pushing back the start date....
6.Treevis is suffering from an advanced case of dry rot that he caught at summer camp.
5.B'Elanna refuses to move from in front of Tom's tv set until she finds out who wins the Survivor contest.
4.Naomi Wildman made a killing with her summer lemonade stand, and sees no reason to give up her career as budding entrepreneur to return to a dead end career track as Captain's Assistant. "Like she's ever going to retire."
3.Tom's in the brig on another charge of eco-terrorism. When he found out that replicated coffee beans lead to replicated ozone depletion, he chained himself to the mess coffee pot ... with predictable results.
2.Harry is pouting in his quarters, the victim of another summer romance gone bad. It seems he miscalculated (badly) when he gave the Fair Haven cow a set of steak knives for their anniversary.
1.Janeway is only halfway through her summer reading list. Finished: Mommie Dearest and The Total Woman. Still to go, The Single Gal's Guide to Compression Phaser Rifles and Ahab, Bligh, and Queeg: Obsessed Fanatics or Misunderstood Victims of Caffeine Withdrawal?