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Top Ten Suggested Episodes For Voyager's Seventh Season That Only Brannon Braga Could Love
Ruth -- 23 May 2000

After reading Ginny's, Mindy's and RB's excellent posts, I realize I may have misunderstood the challenge. Nevertheless, here's my take on Worst Case Scenario: Top Ten Suggested Episodes for Voyager's Seventh Season That Only Brannon Braga Could Love

10.FAIR TSUNKATSE HAVEN. Janeway finds she is increasingly intrigued by the sport of tsunkatse, and creates a new holographic lover based on the character played by The Rock.
9.ANOTHER NIGHT. Seven of Nine recalls her painful decision to destroy the "Caretaker" array, thus trapping VOYAGER in the DQ, finally accepting it as yet another step in understanding her humanity. (BB: no one remembers the series pilot anyway.)
8.TWICE UPON A TIME. Neelix is forced to explain the facts of life to a distraught Naomi Wildman who has stumbled upon a Treevis and Flotter slash site on the Internet.
7.REPLACED. The Doc goes off for one of his little adventures, only to return and discover that Seven has taken over sickbay, that it's efficiency ratings have improved over 47 percent, and that the male patients definitely prefer her bedside manner.
6.BOOB FEVER. B'Elanna is infected with some kind of fever that not only makes her sexually aggressive, but also compels her to buy a couple of those new water bras. Tom, with his well known love of all things aquatic, is thrilled.
5.THE THRILLING GAME. Kes comes back again, she's still mad, but this time everything is settled during a grudge mud wrestling match between the diminutive Ocompan and Seven of Nine.
 Okay, Eric would love that one, too.
4.A NEW RESOLUTION. Chakotay and Janeway are marooned on a planet. They spend the entire episode staying in separate hotels, occasionally meeting for an early dinner to try and figure out how Seven of Nine will rescue them.
3.SPIRIT FARM. The cow Harry kissed is introduced as a regular character, replacing Tuvok. (BB: Vulcans are so TOS. And, think of the stories we can create for the cow as she explores her bovinity! Plus, she has a great @ss!)
2.MASSAGE IN A BOTTLE. Tom and Chakotay are marooned on a planet populated entirely by scantily clad female masseuses, who keep chasing after Our Heroes trying to get them to take their shirts off so they can rub them with oil. But, even in these trying circumstances, the men stay fully clothed.
1.THRESH-HOME Tom and Kathryn's offspring return, and they make a place for them on VOY. Paris and Janeway grow closer as they recall (in numerous flashbacks) their mutant selves' lovemaking and deal with the problems faced by their teenage (in lizard years) children, such as acne, dating, and excessive skin shedding.