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Top Ten Ways To Tell When Your Series Is A Lame Duck
Deborah47 -- 16 Apr 2000, 2:01 PM

Translation for our foreign comrades, the last year of your term in office (if you are a politician)/or the last year your show airs it's "first run" eps (if you are a star trek series)

10.Your #1 star openly campaigns for a flesh & blood romance for her character.
9.People wax nostalgically for the bun of steel, in total disregard for the superior season 2 Gibson girl "do".
8.Neelix' character doesn't "look all that bad" anymore.
7.Cons are being arranged to celebrate the EMH's contribution to the world of Opera.
6.Seven of Nine's most ardent Bostonian fan, wants her to stop wearing the catsuit and get into a uniform. (Ack... that's from my TTL of signs the world is ending.)
5.Harry Kim supporters stop campaigning for a promotion and start campaigning for a girlfriend that isn't an alien pretending to be a hologram, a trio of vampire sucking aliens, an alien from a xenophobic species, the wrong twin from his own species, a "back from the dead human comrade turned bald alien", a holographic Irish girl with a penchant for turning into a cow at the wrong moment....
 You get the idea.
4.When someone asks the neb their opinion re: "Blue vs. grey" Ginny says "Hey, I loved that ep with Q..." (Ack, another sign of the apocalypse)
3.People are more interested in the one season of SAAB than the final year of Voy.
2.Newbies don't understand the significance of the term "Coffee Nebula" (It's from a season 1 ep...?).
And the top reason why you know your series is a lame duck...
1.No matter what you do, no matter how great your stories may be, no matter how good the continuity may be, no matter how great the writers are, fans will STILL go into mourning after each ep since that means they are one more ep closer to "No more Captain Kathryn Janeway."

Sniff, sniff, gasp, HONK!

(Where's Lucy Van Pelt when you really need her? 5 cents psychotherapy, an Idea that's finally arrived.)