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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs That Harry Has PMS (Hey, It's The 24th Century, Who Knows?)
Ruth -- 21 Mar 2000

10.Even Seven and B'Elanna think he is Just. A. Little. Too. Tense.
9.One moment he's sitting at his station working, and in the next he's burst into tears, crying out, "no wonder AOTW are always killing me. I'm just too ugly to live!"
8.Tom, in practical joke mode, tells Harry that leola root is a diuretic, thus earning the gratitude of the entire crew when the other ensign quickly devours the ships' entire supply.
7.Tom walks into the mess hall and finds Harry looking with tear filled eyes at his hamburger steak. However, Tom discovers it isn't because Neelix's cooking is off again, but because the cow that kissed Harry in "Spirit Folk" hasn't written or called.
6.When Janeway asks if he can be a little more specific in describing the "anomaly" of the week, he snarls, "look lady, I've said my line du jour for this scene. Just get off my back!"
5.Megan Delaney finally asks Harry out on a date, and he turns her down because he feels fat.
4.Not only that, he's got a pimple the size of the Delta Flyer on his forehead.
3.Instead he spends the night in his quarters, eating chunky monkey ice cream and watching his favorite movie, TITANIC, for the 447th time.
2.During a rehearsal session for their upcoming recital, the doc offers some constructive criticism and Harry flies off into a rage: "I'm finished second fiddle to a third rate hack! You can take my clarinet and stick it up your holographic @ss!"
1.Janeway has assigned Tuvok to investigate the ship's alarmingly low supplies of chocolate fudge sauce, hot water bottles, and Midol.
 And, the security officer is stunned to discover that, for once, Tom and B'Elanna aren't to blame.