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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons The Nebula Has Been So Quiet
Terry -- 24 Jan 2000

10.Ginny and Ruth just finished packing for the Nebula gathering in D.C.
9.Mac is chasing down the final lost Fair Haven posts for the archive.
8.VantageNet "fixed" the board software again.
7.Roxanne still can't find a rhyme for "Nantucket".
6.Diana has only 150 Washington trip e-mail message from last week left to wade through.
5.SuzyQ busy torturing herself by thinking how much fun she would have had in D.C.
4.Ron Moore just told us Voyager stinks so why bother anymore?
3.I am readying the final and definite Tuvix report that will settle the issue to everyone's satisfaction.
2.Eric has been busy scouring Boston for a DVD of Warlord.
1.Weather-related injuries. Up north, we threw our backs out shoveling snow. Down south, they have frostbitten fingers from those nasty sub-60 degree temps. (Sub-55 with wind chill!)