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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Why Tom Picks On The EMH!
Deborah47 -- 30 Oct 1999, 1:19 AM

10.Tom was jealous of all the time Doc spent tutoring Kes when all he could manage was the odd joyride in the shuttle simulator with her.
9.Despite leading the Talaxian cavalry to the rescue in Basics II, The EMH still got credit for saving the ship and keeping Suder's sanity intact for one more day.
8.The Doc left his "unmentionables" in Paris' convertible after that holosuite visit with Denara Pel on "Mars"
7.B'Elanna spent more time working on the Doc's personal needs those first 3 years than on Tom's. ("Darkling", anyone?)
6.Too easy? Not Harry! Think Tuvok! (How did Tom know she was conceived on "Tuvok's 11th Ponn Farr"? You knowww... THAT's what happens when you get stranded on a desert planet where the only "female" present is infatuated with your Monkish Vulcan companion.)
5.Because he not only gets to fantasize, the EMH gets to DO annual "physicals" on ALL the crew-men, errr, crew-women, errr Tom Hopes "just" the crew-women. (But after reading a series of onelist posts about nekkid commanding officers, Tom decides annual physicals on "First Officers" ARE worthy of jealousy too!)
4.When the Doc gets possessed by aliens, he picks B'Elanna to titillate and Kes to Kidnap. When Tom gets possessed by aliens, he gets bored house wives with bad hairdo's (Ex Post Facto sp?) or IS kidnapped by a hunk of Junk (Alice).
3.The Doc's one-liners threaten to put Paris is the "Also Ran" hall of Fame. ("I'm a Doctor, Not a dragon slayer!", or even better, to Torres in Alice," When you get back {from inside Tom's brain}, maybe you can explain some things.")
2.The EMH liked to call him "Daddy", whenever he met Tom in the "resort" simulation on the holodeck. The doc was usually stroking an iguana (read:lizard) at the time.
And the number one reason why Tom picks on the EMH is.....
1.because it's like shooting fish in a barrel! A winner every time!