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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons The EMH Picks On Tom...
SuzyQ -- 29 Oct 1999, 1:53 PM

10.Doc's jealous of Tom's action with B'Elanna because he can't get half-way to first base with the Ice Princess. (How long has it been, Doc?)
9.Eye color, schmy color! I, a holographic projection, can make my eyes whatever color you desire. But, does anyone even notice? NO! Does anyone even care? NO!
8.Harry's too easy.
7.Tom doesn't understand half the insults.
6.Chakotay is paying him.
5.It's that Opposites Attract Thang. Doc is secretly "en amour" w/Our Darling Tom (like everyone else).
4.Tuvok is paying him.
3.As far as medical assistants go, Tom ain't Kes.
2.Tom's still got more hair than Doc.
1.Two words - lizard babies.