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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Possible Season Ending Cliffhangers
Ruth -- 26 May 1999, 2:41 PM

I've been trying to avoid spoilers for this, but I had already heard that this was a season ending cliffhanger (some folks may not know or want to know this.) So I dug around, and I found no less than 10 possible endings -- Braga is obviously trying to keep us from finding out the true ending! Well, here is what I found, and I hope the one you like the best is real!

10.While Tom is at the helm, the ship runs smack dab into some kind of anomoly, jerking the ship, and throwing the helmboy to the ground. When everyone is calmer, Tom suddenly realizes that the impact has caused his contacts to pop out! He hopes to sneak somewhere and put them back in, when B'Elanna points at him and screams, "MY GOD! Your true eye color is ....!!!!!" (To Be Continued Next Season (TBCNS))
9.Janeway gives into Neelix's requests that he style her hair. Chakotay, Tuvok, and Tom wait nervously in the next room, and turn as they hear the door open, and Janeway's nervous, "well, gentlemen, what do you think?" Chakotay winces, Tuvok starts laughing hysterically, and Tom immediately goes on his knees and says, "Ma'am, will you marry me?"!!... (TBCNS)
8.It is revealed that the 1999 CocoaNaut trip was nothing but an Internet Hoax, and that the Tom and Tuvok dolls are actually afraid of water after a particularly scary moment at the fake Hoover Dam trip the year before... Oh, wait. That stuff has already been revealed, huh.
7.Tuvok enters Pon Farr, and while Tom Paris and Megan Delaney are running neck and neck in the ship's betting pool, Neelix is a little perplexed when the Vulcan keeps trying to give the Talaxian hershey bars and silk stockings... (TBCNS)
6.Janeway finally tells Tom what he has to do get back his lost pip, and while he agrees, he gives a wry grin as reaches up to loosen his uniform and says, "okay, but I'll warn you. If B'Ela hears about this, I'm going to lose more than a pip..." (TBCNS)
5.The Doc gets a subspace communication from Kes! It turns out that she is living in Boston, and is having trouble finding her perfect mate. She knows the Doc can help her if only (static breaks up the communication!!!).... (TBCNS)
4.Harry announces that he is giving up the clarinet and is going to start devoting himself to getting a girlfriend, declaring defiantly, "I'm tired of tooting my own horn!" as the Delaney sisters watch with horrified fascination.... (TBCNS)
3.Tom finally finds the letter from his Dad from "Hunters." After the part that says, "and btw, son, I never really thought you were that great a pilot, and you were always lousy at spelling, too" it says, "Oh, and have you noticed that you look a little like Captain Janeway? Well, she's really your...." (TBCNS)
2.The underwire in Seven's left bra cup breaks, and the resulting jolting sag causes the ship to lurch perilously starboard! (TBCNS)
1.Chakotay finally agrees to let Janeway see the contents of his "medicine bundle." They go into his quarters, the door swishes shut, we hear the rustling of some kind of fabric, and then a throaty, "Oh, Chakotay!" .... (TBCNS)