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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Solo Trek Movies In Production
Eric -- 28 Aug 1999, 6:21 PM

10.Picards Excellent Tea Time Adventure : Remember when we were Tea Drinkers Will? Earl Grey : Hot!
9.Will Riker's Beard Strikes Back!!! : Shave ME off will you???
8.The 5th Talaxian Element : He's perfect! And he's the only weapon agaist the Darkness!
7.B'ellana the Kazon Slayer : There's only one born every Generation!
6.Chakotay knows what you Screamed Last Voyager : Do you like scary movies Commander? H-Hey! Wake up!!! I'm trying to scare you! HEY!!!
5.Harry Kim - Lethal Weapon : I know Kung Foo! Then show me Grasshopper!
4.Pulp Sisko : He's gonna get Medievil on your A$$
3.Tasha's Pet Sematary : She's coming back from the dead to...oh..wait, we already MADE that movie...
2.Kira's Aliens : I say we pull back and call in the Prophits. It's the only way to be sure!
1.Kes : Warlord Pricess : This is a story of long ago, when the God's were petty and cruel, and only one Ocampa stood agaist them....

Eric - who already has tickets for #1....