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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Places We Could Have Seen Some Female Skin This Season
Terry -- 27 Apr 1999, 6:20 PM

They actually cut these scenes.

10.Once Upon a Time: Tom and Tuvok have to "loosen" Samantha's clothing to tend to her wounds. They flip a coin to see who gets to do the heart massage.
9.Timeless: We see what drunken Seven did after the Doc took her back to his place.
8.Infinite Regress: Seven's female Ferengi personality finds to her horror that she is full clothed ... in PUBLIC! Luckily she manages to remedy the situation before any of the male crew show up.
7.Counterpoint: Janeway goes undercover to expose Kashyck.
6.Latent Image: Real reason Janeway and B'Elanna erased Doc's memory was his "art" holo-photos of them taken during a drunken New Year's party.
5.Bride of Chaotica!: Cut from the final episodes was the scenes of B'Elanna and Seven infiltrating Chaotica's harem of dancing Orion slave girls.
"Skin color is irrelevant."
"Shut up. And pass the G-string."
4.Think Tank: Why do you really think George wanted Seven? One of the think tank had X-ray glasses.
3.Dark Frontier: The Borg Queen's New Clothes. "Modesty is irrelevant."
2.Drone: B'Elanna takes a relaxing sonic shower. Oops, that actually happened! Or was it a dream?
1.Juggernaut: B'Elanna takes a relaxing sonic shower to wash the grime from her hot, sweaty body. That was definitely a dream!