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Top Ten Places We Could Have Seen Some Male Skin This Season
Ruth -- 27 Apr 1999, 3:04 PM

It wasn't just "The Fight," or "Juggernaut," SuzyQ, Vickie, and PegN. Season Five has been full of lost opportunities for us to ogle a little male skin. Here are just a few:

10.NIGHT: Where was Chakotay when the lights went out? Is it too outrageous to imagine he was in his room sitting in his barcolounger wearing nothing but a pair of boxers while watching the fights? Note how this would aid in his character development (something we all say VOY needs), setting the stage for THE FIGHT by introducing his love of pugilism andboxer shorts.
9.GRAVITY: it looked pretty dry on that planet, so they probably couldn't take baths, but are you telling me someone as fastidious as Tuvok wouldn't have taken time for a sponge bath or two?
8.COUNTERPOINT: Someone as dangerous as Kashyk comes on board, and Janeway doesn't order a strip search? I don't think so.
7.BLISS: Bliss? I'll give ya bliss. Let's see Tommy trying on some swim wear in anticipation of his new job at Australian beach.
6.THE DISEASE: Why was the ABOTW the only one draped in the sheet? I think Harry would have looked great in percale!
5.TIMELESS: would it have killed Janeway to have suggested that Chakotay take off his shirt during that dinner scene given that her grandmother's vegetable biryani stains so?
4.BRIDE OF CHAOTICA: They missed a perfect chance for Tom to pull one of his patented practical jokes on Tuvok ? Instead of telling Tuvy that the Captain Proton holoprogram is based on 30s movie serials, he tells him that it is based on late 20th century "blue" movies, and that neither one of them can wear clothes or they'll be too conspicuous. Tee Hee!
3.30 DAYS: Tom + Jail = Showers.
2.30 DAYS: Tom + Jail + Reminiscing = Remembering what showers were like with Harry back in the Chute.
1.30 DAYS: Tom + Jail + Reminiscing + Fantasizing = Thinking about what those showers with Harry in the Chute would have been like if Chakotay had been there too.

Oh, and, uh, Ginny, say hi to everyone at that revival tonight for me. :-)