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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Why Seven Chooses Doc To Be Her First Date
Marie -- 26 Apr 1999, 6:50 PM

10.He's almost as socially inept as she is.
9.They can dissect the chemical nature behind their attraction in clinical, scientific terms without either accusing the other of being callously unromantic.
8.Seven is fascinated by Doc's lack of hair. It reminds her of a certain Borg she once knew, who also became unassimilated...
7.They can give new meaning to the term "playing doctor"
6.Doc knows just which nanoprobes to, um, activate
5.Seven can program Doc for maximum pleasure
4.If she gets really p.o.'d at Doc, she can always, accidentally of course, erase his program.
3.No waiting in the doctor's office.
2.If she gets bored with Doc after the first date, she can reprogram him to look and act like Tom Paris, the object of her secret lust
1.Doc already knows if her "implants" are real or not. And let's face it, she knows how real his is.