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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Crew Offers Jason Alexander Instead Of Seven
Mrs. Mac -- 31 Mar 1999, 12:45 PM

10.Tom offers Jason his Camaro. What man in his right mind can turn down a nice set of wheels? As soon as it's gone Tom rolls in the GT0 with a roomier back seat.
9.Harry offers him his "Dating for Dummies" book. Due to his track record, he'll need it too.
8.Naomi offers him her kadis-kot set, while telling him that the secret pattern of aligning the greens and reds in a strategic 47 pattern - has never been solved.
7.The doctor offers him the illustrating version of the "Secret Mating Habits on Planet Mensa" and the star chart to take him there.
6.Ensign Wildman offers Naomi to Jason - she's been taking up too much of her screen time.
5.Janeway offers him an antique pocket watch she's been trying to ditch ever since she finally accepted it a year ago.
4.Tuvok offers him a universal translator badge. Every time someone speaks it translates it to "Yada, yada, yada."
3.Seven tells him that there are a "whole bunch" of people smarter than her living in cubes not far away and she knows the way.
2.Ensign Ayala offers him a red shirt and a speaking part in an upcoming adventure.
1.B'Elanna offers him the full circuitry diagram of Seven's nanoprobes and every possible ship security entry sequence in order to beam her off the ship.