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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Another Top Ten Things Kathryn Offers Jason Alexander Instead Of Seven
Ginny -- 31 Mar 1999, 10:58 AM

10.The next best thing--an inflatable version of the silver catsuit that Seven wore in Season Four.
9.Neelix's recipe for hair pasta (stomach pump optional)
8.Slip'N'Slide made from used gel packs
7.Tom's original tongue (carefully preserved in tasty formaldehyde by the Holodoc)
6.Tuvok's modest "I'm a Vulcan, so no peeking" pajamas
5.Harry's beach resort volleyball team (net and volleyball optional)
4.Insurrection Alpha--The Board Game
3.Chocolate and nylons (Bonus gift--audio recording of Seven as French chanteuse)
2.A leather-bound volume of Harry's death certificates
1.What's behind Shuttle Bay Door #2!