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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Janeway Offers Jason Alexander Instead Of Seven
Ruth -- 30 Mar 1999, 2:16 PM

10.Harry's clarinet.
9.Harry's long awaited promotion orders.
7.Neelix (so Harry won't get lonely).
6.A "blooper" video, showing Ayala's most hilarious tongue twisters, misstatements, and verbal faux pas from the past five years.
5.The Holodoc's newest treatise, "The Effect of Long Term Sexual Deprivation On the Decision Making Process."
4.The Delaney Sister's Cosmo collection.
3.Tuvok's whoopie cushion collection.
2.The letter from Tom's father that B'Elanna's been hiding since Hunters because she didn't want his feelings hurt. It turns out that there's a really good recipe for tomato soup with those little stars right after the section that ends, "and so, son, I still think you're a loser. Oh, and your dog died because you weren't here to take care of him.
1.The seven cases of Just For Men haircolor that she hijacks from Chakotay's quarters just before issuing a general directive forbidding the use of replicator rations on hair care products.*

*Exceptions: hair spray, mousse, deep conditioners, blow dryers, bobbie pins, pony tail clips, and the stuff that makes Tom's hair look "poufy."