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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Other Holodeck Scenarios That The Chaotic Space Aliens Considered And Discarded...And Why
Ginny -- 26 Mar 1999, 5:26 PM

10.Tom and Harry's "Two Man Luge"--Two men wearing spandex and lying on top of each other means something entirely different in Chaotic Space.
9.B'Elanna's Skydiving Scenario--You can't hear a word anyone says with the atmosphere whistling by your ears.
8.Insurrection Alpha -- Eventually, everyone in Chaotic Space wanted to play.
7.My Favorite Martian--All the Chaotic Space aliens loved the main character, but his silver suit deflected their attempts at communication.
6.Neelix's "Cooking With Julia Child"--IEEEEEEEEEE! That horrible voice!
5.Captain Proton and the Temple of Boom--Impossible to be heard over stuff blowing up.
4.Kathryn's Gothic Holonovel -- ZZZZZZZZ. Couldn't stay awake long enough to figure out the plot.
3.Tom and Tuvok's "Spider-Gigging For Fun and Profit"--Well, duh. Spiders can't talk.
2.Chakotay's "Spirit Guides on Ice"--Even aliens from Chaotic Space think this is a lame way to spend an afternoon.
1.Sandrine's--'Cause nobody knew their name.