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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things On The Photo Computer Chip Found Floating In Course: Oblivion
Deborah47 -- 11 Mar 1999, 1:26 AM

10.Photos of Seven on her first date with Vorick
9.Photos of the Happy couple, Ensign Harper and Neelix and their beautiful ...ahh orangetopped Mohawk wearing baby girl
8.Photos of Vorik in sickbay recovering from his first date with Seven
7.Photos of a duplicate Kes (Created by the DNA left in a hairbrush that Neelix Kept as a souvenier) accepting a proposal from Ensign Expendable (from Boston) just before she evolves again to a higher plane
6.An Audio enhanced photo of Lt. Ayala thanking Captain Janeway for restoring his rank & honor
5.Photos of Harry's court martial (Acquitted of course) of attempted assault on Ayala due to his jealous rage at not getting promoted himself despite 5 years and two lifetimes. (three if you count the Deadlock Harry)
4.Photos of Seven in sickbay having her bowels placed back where they belong after trying to cut in on a slow dance between Tom & B'Elanna in Sandrines
3.Photos of Tom & B'Elanna's wedding cake
2.Photos of Tom proposing to B'Elanna on the planet Alira, just after another Star Fleet wedding has concluded
And the Number one photo on the chip???
1.A Shot of the Wedding Party on Alira. Flower girl: Naomi. Maid of honor: B'Elanna. Father of the Bride: Tuvok. Best Man: Tom. Officiator: Prime minister of Alira. Groom: "I Finally got the guts to ask" Chakotay and Bride: "You're the Queen" Janeway