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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Voyager March Madness Happenings!
Shawnster -- 8 Mar 1999, 10:27 PM

10.Voyager crew resets shot clocks on their holodeck games to 47 seconds.
9.Chakotay stops dying his hair and asks everyone to call him coach.
8.Vorik mischeviously replaces all the photon torpedoes with basketballs.
7.Tuvok is picked first for all Voyager intramural basketball games because, lets face it, white humans can't jump.
6.Tom suffers three broken ribs after an intense game of one-on-one with B'Elanna (oh, wait. Wrong list).
5.No. 16 seed women's team St. Fran suprises everyone by making it to the Final Four. Sadly the team is defeated when it's star player, nicknamed Kes, evolves to a higher plain.
4.Seven is left in charge of the bridge because "basketball is irrelevant."
3.Harry is "nominated" to stand outside and hold the antenna to improve reception while the rest of the guys lounge in front of the big screen in Astrometrics.
2.Entire crew misses the thrid quarter of the final game after drinking Neelix's Leola Beer. Bolian bathrooms off-line for weeks.
1.Janeway mopes in her cabin for another long Night after Indiana teams IU and Purdue are defeated in the first round.