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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Lt Carey Has Done Since His Last Appearence In Season 1
Deborah47 -- 28 Feb 1999, 11:18 PM

10.Hide from Vorick in season 3 when Pon Farr hit and B'Elanna wasn't going to oblige their fellow engineer.
9.Fix the Shuttle nearly destroyed by Chak in Coda
8.Maintain Seven's Borg alcove, since Harry can't be trusted in there alone anymore.
7.Fix the shuttle nearly destoyed by Tuvok in Innocents
6.continues to find ways to upgrade the Doctor's memory capacity - Especially since he now has 4 times the amount of memories that caused him to go off line in the first place.
5.Fix the shuttle nearly destroyed by Tom and Neelix in Partruition
4.Remodel those cutsey 1930's controls Tom put in the Flyer to something a 24th century child can operate with ease.
3.Build the Delta flyer in the first place since B'Elanna's been too busy with Tom
2.(this is for Jules) Busy replicating new Shuttle bay doors to replace those blasted off when crewmembers get too impatient to wait for them to Open before taking off.
1.reason for where he's been these last 4 years si because he spends all his free time trying to fix the Captain's replicator so that it will give her a cup of HOT coffee!

(be kind, it is my first TTL attempt)