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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Features Of The Paris-Torres Wedding
Tracy -- 26 Feb 1999, 8:46 AM

10.Harry raves and raves about the scrumptious little meatballs until he is informed by a very delighted Neelix that they are the Delta Quad equivalent of Rocky Mountain Oysters.
9.The Doctor, continuing his mentorship of Seven, fails miserably in explaining just how the flavored body gel that B'Elanna received at her Bridal Shower is supposed to enhance love-making. When Seven suggests a hands-on tutorial, The Doctor's program overloads, and the happy couple's departing is delayed by two hours.
8.Janeway catches the throw-away bouquet. She is later heard muttering, "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride..."
7.Chakotay, always on top of things, quickly makes a dinner date with Kathryn.
6.Tuvok mistakenly drinks the spiked punch, and totally rips it loose with his very own version of the Macarena dance. With a fruit bowl on his head.
5.The Doctor snaps a picture with his holocamera for posterity's sake.
4.Ayala, Larson and and that cute guy from Engineering all vie for B'Elanna's garter, but are trounced by Paris, who manages to throw it to himself. (Gotta have one to hang from the Delta Flyer's rear-view mirror, you know)
3.The EMH Mark II makes a guest appearance as B'Elanna's wedding coordinator.
2.Kes makes a cameo as the dance floor spotlight.
and the Number 1 feature of Tom and B'Elanna's wedding is:
1.They've found a nice Demon-class planet on which to honeymoon, complete with plenty of dark caves...Tom insists on bringing along his compression rifle, but B'Elanna argues with him. He is finally heard shouting, "This isn't about the gun, B'Elanna, this is about sex!" (Had to throw that one in somewhere...;o] )