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Top Ten Reasons The Voyager Crew Think It Is Time For Harry To Get A Girlfriend
Ruth -- 23 Feb 1999, 10:39 AM

Yeah, my sources at UPN let me get another look at an upcoming episode. We've heard the spoilers: Harry gets himself some alien luvin. What you may not know is that the crew gets together and sets him up on his date.

10.Neelix is a little concerned after Harry brings his clarinet to the mess hall, calling it "Trudi," and telling Neelix he wants to order something extra special for the little lady.
9.The Delaney sisters realize something has to be done after they coyly ask Harry if he'd like to come to their quarters that night to "play doctor," and he tells them thanks, but he just had a med checkup last week.
8.Janeway becomes concerned over Harry's dateless state when Neelix brings it to her attention that the ship is facing a serious depletion of the water supply because so much cold water is being diverted to Ensign Kim's shower.
7.Likewise, the Doctor reminds Janeway of "Top Secret Plan 47" aka "It is Always Farr Weather." As stated by the Doc, "Due to Tuvok's impending -- and apparently most impressive - state of violent, uncontrolled arousal, we must start stockpiling saltpeter now. Therefore, we have to cut off Ensign Kim's supply."
6.Anyhow, Chakotay is tired of being the ship's designated alien babe magnet. He has so many notches in his bedpost that the bed, uh, breaks, giving him a nasty concussion and the desire to let someone else have all the "fun" for a while.
5.Besides, Kathryn has informed her first officer that the next time she catches him playing footsie with someone from another species, she's sending him to sick bay and ordering the doctor to surgically remove his spirit guide. A wincing Chakotay answers, "Aye, Captain."
4.Seven of Nine is discovering the relevancy of annoyance. Everywhere she goes, Kim pops out with a videotape of "Revulsion," and says, "ask me again! Please, please! I'm ready now."
3.Tom and B'Elanna want him to get a girlfriend, so that they can have some free time together. Harry has taken to going everywhere with them. That's fine when they go to a holographic baseball game, but when he showed up on their specially planned "Hershey Syrup night," with a jar of maraschino cherries, calling out "I've got dibs on vanilla!" they knew something had to be done.
2.Tom is also afraid that Harry is a little rusty in the woman department after Tom shows his friend a new holoprogram studying the culture of the twentieth century, "Bikini Boxing Babes," Harry's first comment is to complain that the girls aren't following the Marquess of Queensberry rules.
1.Tom is also a little worried by Harry's repeated references to "the good old days down in that Akitarian prison," and by his constant requests that the two of them get together in Harry's quarters and watch some gladiator movies.